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Testing Routes With RSpec and Subdomain Fu

Created: 11/25/2009 7:06:31 PM

Testing subdomain fu based routes has really been causing me pain. Hope to wrap this up into a nice little patch package but maybe this will help others until time permits.

Book Review: ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Quickly

Created: 9/18/2009 10:00:00 PM

ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Quickly was written by Maarten Balliauw and appears to be his first book. I applaud him for taking this leap into the book writing world, I'm sure it's really tough! Overall I think he did a good job with the book for his target ...

Ubuntu 8.10 on Hyper-V

Created: 3/8/2009 10:52:18 PM

Spent some time tonight setting up Ubuntu 8.10 on Hyper-V. This was done in preperation of hosting my own git server on my local dev network. All went really smoothly, I'm very impressed with both technologies.

Html Select From Enum

Created: 2/18/2009 12:08:28 AM

Code for an MVC extension method to generate a select from an enumeration.

Iron Rake, Iron Ruby, AKA Goodbye NAnt

Created: 2/9/2009 8:13:51 PM

With the release of the ASP.Net MVC Release Candidate I've started redoing from the ground up because it was originally done with one of the earlier CTPs. Ramblings...

IIS7 Http Errors Configuration on Lockdown

Created: 1/22/2009 8:16:42 PM

My general rule of thumb is that when I run into a problem once I fix it. When I run into it twice I try and automate it. I've now had the default http errors setting for IIS7 burn me four times on four different projects. I figure it's abo...

Dell XPS M1330 Fan Stuttering

Created: 10/30/2008 9:22:48 PM

Just in case anyone else bumps their head against this one for a while, I hope this helps.

ASP.NET MVC Unit Testing With HttpContextBase.Cache

Created: 9/6/2008 4:32:15 PM

I was trying to unit test a controller that made use of System.Web.Caching.Cache to store a chunk of data returned from the db that only needed to be fetched every 15 minutes or so. The test I was writing was to make sure that if the data wa...

Windows Server 2008 Web SMTP

Created: 8/26/2008 8:31:04 PM

I just started a migration to windows server 2008 web edition an ran into a bit of a headache. The SMTP server at first appears to be missing even after installing the SMTP feature. After some digging it appears that it can't be administered from w...

Subversion on Server Core

Created: 5/7/2008 8:40:05 PM

Having set up Subversion on Windows 2000, 2003, and XP machines without a hitch, I'm happy to report that setting up Subversion on Windows Server 2008 Server Core is also easy!

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