Iron Rake, Iron Ruby, AKA Goodbye NAnt

2/9/2009 8:13:51 PM


  • IronRuby 0.2 (Alpha)
  • IronRake
  • Dynamic Language Runtime
  • NAnt

With the release of the ASP.Net MVC Release Candidate I've started redoing from the ground up because it was originally done with one of the earlier CTPs. Ramblings...

So I decided to use irake for my build and scripting tool on

Getting it setup wasn't the most intuitive thing. Installing gems didn't work. I didn't want to install ruby. I wanted ironruby completely locked into and versioned with my project all under source control while being isolated from anything else on my machine. (I have lots of projects and IronRuby is a moving target, also it helps keep the project all self contained). This post is full of ramblings, I'll try and post a how-to soon... but it works!

C:\DEV\EvanClosson2>irake build
(in C:/DEV/EvanClosson2)
"I am building"



8/16/2009 11:05:23 AM

Just came across your post on using Rake. it sounds like you're doing exactly what I'm interested in trying for my next project, except I'm suffering through msbuild rather than nant :-) If you get time to jot down how you made this work I for one would be grateful. And I definitely want it in svn for each project so that my .NET team members don't whine about having to install a--gasp--non microsoft language. Thanks.