Tax Day is Upon Us

4/13/2008 7:12:06 PM

Since April 15th is looming it seems fitting to mention taxes. I'm not a big fan of the complicated and impossible to understand way our government collects taxes. Luckily this tax year I made an effort to keep very good records and see an accountant early. This was the first year this process was rather stress-free for me. I believe it should be stress-free and painless for everyone.

If you also don't like our current tax system I point you to The FairTax is one of the few proposals on the table that looks like it has a chance of fixing our crazy tax code. It isn't a silver bullet but it's much simpler than our current tax system.

If you have a chance I urge you to read up on the FairTax and do your due diligence. If you feel that the FairTax makes a lot of sense sign the FairTax petition that's going to get delivered to congress and the current presidential candidates on April 15th.